2021 03 28

A new journey to set out after a centennial event

On March 26, Hasco vision had its launch ceremony grandly held for a new journey to come after a centennial of communist party, to welcome its new 14th five-year plan. The company's leaders, top management team members, and staff representatives were all present, to honor this important moment.
During the past century, Hasco vision enjoyed and thrived on the significant development of China's automobile industry, and developed into an example and well-known brand eventually.
On site of the celebration, the development history of the company through the past one hundred years was shown by means of video and picture demonstration, in form of which, the company unveiled its 14th Five-Year plan and set off a new journey.

On the event, Guo Zhaoji, the general manager and deputy secretary of the party committee, Zhang Dongchi, the event’ host, gave a speech reviewing and summarizing the development for the past a hundred years. They made a comprehensive analysis of the company situation and opportunity along with challenges from views of the global auto market, the industry policies, technology development tendency. Their speeches encouraged the team to follow the mainstream closely and seize the opportunity to enhance, to face the challenge and dare to try, to strive and fight for the goal of 14th five year plan.

Hasco vision started its story from 1921, a small forge named De’s. The first time when it switched to focus on automobile headlights was in 1984. Then it became a small workshop in alley named Shanghai Auto Lamp factory in a vegetable market at the junction of Kunming Rd. and Jiangpu Rd., which opened the preface of the development history of auto lamp in China.
In order to realize the headlight localization for VW Santana, in 1989, the factory joined hands with Japan Koito institute to set up a joint venture, Shanghai Koito Auto Lamp Co., Ltd., which is also the first joint venture in China's headlights industry.
In order to learn better from Koito of the most advanced technology and production process, 1990, the first batch of engineers were sent to Japan, to take back valuable knowledge in design and production, to push the comprehensive technical upgrading of the new joint venture enterprise.

The original intention of the joint venture was to take back the real technology. To make the purpose come true, a three-year capability improvement program was introduced in 1999. After a rocky experience, the engineers who came back after learning independently developed the first generation of Santana 2000 auto lights.

Time went by and chance after chance, the company’s work flow and competence were gradually improved. In order to grow faster, the company need a far range and right to say something different from its Japanese shareholder. So Hasco vision finally chose to embark on the road of independent research and development. On March 28, 2018, it took back all the shares from the joint venture and became a 100% pure Chinese company.

In times of peace, economic prosperity is the main sign of a strong nation.
The times have given Chinese enterprises a rare opportunity, but at the same time, it is also a very difficult mission for Chinese enterprises to win in the fierce competition among Europe, US, Japan and other nationals. To occupy a place, they need to have their own technology. This is an important factor for Hasco vision to focus on the development of headlamp technology.

From the localization of Santana lamps to the mass production of Santana LED high brake lamps in 1999, further to the mass application of Audi Q5 headlight bi-color lens mold in 2009, till the mass production of LaCrosse E16LED front fog lamps in 2013 and the ADB LED MATRIX headlamps in 2016, Hasco vision has set up many first records in its field.

Even in the worst market environment, Hasco vision still adhered to the high investment in research and development, and relied on the high favorable resources of Hasco group to extend traits and advantages in technology, quality and other aspects, leading the whole lamp industry

With the advent of the 21st century, China's automobile industry has risen rapidly and science and technology have been seen with significant progress. Hasco vision is one of those who firmly seized the opportunity, facing the harsh challenges brought by the global GM353, standing upwind with all difficulties, and seeing the challenges as opportunities, cleave and forge ahead to build a platform to globally welcome, and realized the magnificent appearance on international market from null to 1.

Today, the era of highly intelligent automatic driving is approaching, and the intelligent car lights are no doubt with a bright future. By virtue technology of the digital interactive headlights of IM Auto, Hasco vision has sent its satisfactory answer to need of times.

In such a fierce competitive environment, Hasco vision has become one of the few enterprises in the world that can provide a full set of intelligent lamp solutions, and has also become a proud national enterprise.

Years of refinement, inheritance of ingenuity, which breeds a hundred years old legendary brand. Looking backwards, Hasco vision, which shoulders the mission of independent innovation of China's auto industry chain, always adheres to the principle of "improvement and Innovation make the core value”, committed to the use of innovative technology, to accomplish the comprehensive upgrading of automotive lighting system.

Looking at the present, China is moving forward at a high speed, and the development of enterprises has ushered in a good era. Since 2018, it has only been 3 years since then, relying on its product technology and quality advantages, Hasco vision has successively won orders from multinational car makers, including many luxury famous brands such as Tesla from the United States, BMW from Germany and Audi.
Not only that, the company also expertise in trustworthy quality and service, after the restructuring, winning its chance to enter Toyota's supplier list again all on its own.

2021 is the first year of 14th five years. This year will be the important moment for Hasco vision to work together through the up to down. With the entrepreneurial attitude and innovative spirit, it will continue to uphold the pursuit of quality and originality, providing better quality of products and services, creating more value for customers, in its new journey.