2021 05 21

Hascovision Tech. Expo. —— the record has been broken, in variety, scale, fullness, number of first launcher and grandness

From May 18 to 21, 2021, Qiu Xuejun, General Manager of Hasco Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Ao Jinlong, Deputy General Manager of Hasco Vision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., together with the company's leading technical team representatives, visited SGMW, GAC Research Institute, Dongfeng Nissan and Xpeng Automobile in a row. To carry out a technical exchange and exhibition activity with the richest varieties, the largest scale, the fullest range of technologies and newly-applied applications in form of the highest standard of ritual.
The purpose of this event is to have deep touch of customers need, listen to customers' opinions, make sure the development jobs heading accurate towards the needs from different customers. By that can the research and development hit right on spot of the actual needs of customers, and the latest technical achievements in the field of automotive lighting of Hasco Vision be to welcome .

"Amazing Lamp for Amazing Car", The Future is Approaching
On May 18th, the leadership of Hasco Vision led the relevant technical team to visit SGMW Technology Center first, and held the new technology fair Wuling-themed. Mr. Shenyang, General Manager of SGMW, and Mr. Yao Zuoping, Head of SGMW Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of SGMW, personally presided over the high-level strategic exchange meeting between the two sides, and expressed their appreciation to Hasco Vision for its achievements in lighting technology. The two sides will have in-depth discussions on the future direction of cooperation and innovative cooperation models, imagine the beautiful vision of "Amazing car with amazing lamp", and search for the "sea of stars" together.
In a subsequent conference of report and information exchange and the real vehicle technology show. The car sample carrying Hasco Vision prototype attached with all the latest digital lighting technology, SGMW engineers and Hasco Vision developing, design, electronics and related field experts had technical exchanges, SGMW and marketing director Zhou Xing introduced to Hasco Vision team the key model development philosophy. A deeper understanding between was built and higher possible reaching agreement and cooperation were to be expected.

GAC Shines with Brighter Eyes
On May 19th, Hasco Vision Technology Team moved from Liuzhou to Guangzhou and visited GAC Research Institute to hold the "GAC shines by bright" named new technology appreciation meeting. Technical experts from lighting modules, signal lamps, electronics, digital lighting, Vision products and other sub sectors to GAC engineers in the relevant professional fields of professional innovation technology introduction, both sides based on the demonstration of new technology samples to carry out in-depth discussion.
Mr Liu Niansi, the utive vice President of Guangzhou research institute of Guangzhou research institute, vice chairman of Guangzhou research center Mr Yuan Huanquan, Guangzhou new energy procurement minister Mr Huang Richang, Guangzhou institute of automobile body, vice minister of Mr Wang Chen, Guangzhou passenger car purchase section chief Mr Cheng Gang, Guangzhou passenger car purchase manager Mr Hu Yu-cheng and other leaders came to the tour expo, and show the latest technical achievements of expressed strong interest, They hoped that Hasco Vision can provide strong support to GAC in terms of lighting innovation and have cooperation opportunities in subsequent new projects.
Prologue of the New Era of Lighting was Opened
On May 20, Hasco Vision technology team came to Dongfeng Nissan passenger car technology center in Huadu, held "Hasco Vision for Dongfeng Nissan users to delight" show. Hideichi Yoshizawa, the Japanese head of the body development department of Dongfeng Nissan Technology Center, and Ms. Cheng Hui, the chief of the external assembly development department of the body development department; Mr. Yao Jiyun, Director of Nissan Hasco Technology Center, Mr. Deng Jiebin, Director of Nissan Hasco Technology Center and other leaders led their technical teams and purchasing teams to attend the event.
Customer team attenders are of high class and large number, in the process of introduction, the customer advisory in Hasco vision delivered all kinds of light innovation technology and module application scenarios, on-the-spot report in the process of leadership, said the apparent look forward to working with Hasco in the future for proper projects, the customer team during a visit to the carrying Hasco Vision prototype of the latest technology, is sincere, These technologies have opened a new era of vehicle lighting systems.

Higher position needs Higher Beams of Light
May 21st, as the last stop of this technology week. Hasco Vision held the "Hasco Vision helps Xiaopeng take off" new technology appreciation meeting in the atrium of the headquarters building of Xiaopeng Automobile, and carried out a dynamic display of the prototype car equipped with leading headlamp technology.
At the event, Mr. Jia Qingchun, Vice President of Technology of Xiaopeng Automobile, experienced the digital lighting technology personally and said that he was impressed by the technical ability of Hasco Vision and hoped to cooperate with Hasco Vision for new projects.
At the same time, Mr. Ao Jinlong, the vice general manager of Hasco Vision, also had in-depth exchanges with Mr. Zhang Lihua, the modeling director of Xiaopeng, Mr. Wu Anfei, the electronic and electrical director, Mr. Zhou Mengxi, the senior expert of electronic and electrical appliances, and Mr. Wang Xiao, the Internet director, on the future development of intelligent driving lamp technology and the potential cooperation mode of both sides. Both sides were looking forward to landing the lamps equipped with the new technology of Hasco Vision in Xiaopeng as soon as possible.
Mr. Li Feng, Procurement Director, Mr. Yang Jian, Project Director and other leaders also attended the meeting, and hoped that Hasco Vision could provide technical support for Xiaopeng Auto's headlamp product configuration.

During the 4-day technical exchange exhibition, Hasco Vision gave its best efforts and visited many OEMs like SGMW, GAC Research Institute, Dongfeng Nissan and Xiaopeng Automobile, bringing customers new experience and visual impact in the field of automotive lighting.
Through this in-depth exchange, the Hasco vision team has also fully listened to the customer opinions, to understand the real needs of customers, strive to develop the model to achieve "point to point", precise and detailed to do customers really need and satisfied with the product, for the majority of consumers to bring better and more intelligent car experience.