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  • 2018.08

    Outdoor activities for young employees

  • 2018.08

    Team-building training for new employees

  • 2018.10

    Talent development activity

  • 2018.08

    The first Internal Trainers’ skill competition in HASCO Vision

  • 2018.08

    Three groups of communists joint team building

  • 2018.06

    Publish SAIC innovative stories

  • 2018.05

    Publish the case of “one party member, one innovative point” in HASCO Vision

  • 2018.05

    Youth League activities on May 4th

  • 2018.03

    Unveiling of employee satisfaction

  • 2018.04

    Road show of new cars

  • 2018.03

    Promotion Day of Corp. Culture (namely Commendation on Women’s Day)

  • 2018.03

    Party activities of “19th National Congress.”

HASCO Vision believes in the core values of “improvement & innovation”. We are looking for professionals who possess characters of proactive learning, hard working, dare to innovate, good at communication, willing to take responsibility, and dedicated himself to the career of automotive intelligent lighting. In return, we provide competitive salary and benefits, continuing study and training, and a career development platform which is full of challenge and opportunity.
  • Courses: corporate culture, development strategy, security training, product introduction, process technology, characteristics management, etc.

    Team-building: Promoting the corporate culture and strengthening inter-departmental communication.

    2 weeks
    following job

  • Probation period:2 months

    Training: corporate culture, development strategy, security training, product introduction, process technology, characteristics management, etc.

    Job rotation: product manufacturing process, production technology

  • Training: quality tools, management tools, professional technology, language

    Growth period
    1 year

To build a better you in
HASCO Vision

HASCO Vision has emphasized greatly on building company instructors. It has a team of 50 internal trainers from each discipline, such as, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and management. The topics range from technology to management, corporate culture, even mental health. HASCO Vision provides a diversified platform for its instructors to showcase abilities, improve qualities, cross-train with others to enhance the training program for employees, and to promote multidiscipline talents.


HASCO Vision is obligated to each employee's career development. We continuously improve the personnel system for employee’s motivation and career development. Based on different disciplines, we offer three career paths: "Management", "Technical expert", and "Skilled technician", with the practice of fair and open evaluation and promotion mechanisms. Awarding employees with both spiritual and material incentives to fully engage our human resources, as to constantly increasing the value of our human intangible assets, and to elevate the competitiveness for both our company and our employees.