Build on visual technology

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  • Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is a technology that utilizes organic semiconductor materials to emit Light under the action of an electric field. It features uniform luminance, clear boundaries, high quality, and can display dynamic and diverse patterns.

  • Surface Lighting Module can be a replacement of OLED because of its lower cost, and it can be a bent surface to meet the brightness requirement of stop and turn signal lamps that OLED can not meet.

  • Matrix lighting technology refers to a highly precise control method in switching LED on/off so as to light up designated area according to conditional needs of visual system.

  • DLP lighting technology refers to a digital control in light rays (DMD) and features high resolution and programmability. Amazing up to 1 million addressable pixels, which is 10 thousand times higher than existing adaptive high beam lighting technology

  • Light Guide technology works on basis of reflection and refraction theory, leading the light within guideway. It can fit various needs of lighting system applications

  • Thick wall lighting technology by aid of more specific inner structure, for purpose of gaining higher illumination efficiency within the same size of light-emitting zone and brilliant amazing presentation of lighting.

  • Floating line illumination Tech. developed upon thick wall light guide tech., creating a special visual effect that light looks floating.